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So often, our external challenges are manifested due to our internal conflict. The less inner conflict we have, the clearer our thinking, the more balanced our emotions are and our actions are aligned with authenticity and integrity. This will attract the energy to help us manifest our heart’s desires and feel worthy of it. We can experience life with more happiness and joy.

However, to minimise inner conflict, you first need to recognise it. Become aware of signs of an unhealthy relationship you may have with yourself such as; if you find yourself often overreacting; supressing your feelings; behaving compulsively; continuously feeling a victim, being in constant judgement and criticism, etc. These behaviours are all related to one thing and this is really important – you are avoiding certain feelings.

Empower yourself to identify those feelings that you have been avoiding and you give yourself permission to confront and deal with those feelings. Yes, it may be hard however the realisations and growth that can come from it is very rewarding.



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