“Time is flying by” – this expression or something similar is a common phrase is most people’s thoughts and conversations. Yes, it does feel like time passes more quickly with every year that goes by. However, the seconds, minutes and hours in a day remain the same.

I have struggled with time and continue to be tested with what the Law of time and what it is teaching me. Some days, I feel supported by time and others days, time is against me. I asked myself what does ‘time’ symbolize for me – my answer: Pressure.

Digging deeper into understanding how I perceived time and its unfolded in my reality, I remembered instances where I did not feel pressured and had the perception that I have enough time – and so it was. And other instances (which was most of my days) I said to myself ‘I’m late’, ‘I don’t have enough time’, etc – it became reality – things took me longer to get done, I overrun on appointments and sometimes I could not even account for where most of my time went.

My exploration lead me to a question – ‘What if the speed of “time” is just my perception”. More and more I’m discovering there is some truth to this as I attempt to adjust my perception of time and reframe my thoughts and feelings of time to support me. Prioritizing and spending time with those whom matter and doing things that make me happy is the direction I am striving to follow. In this way less pressure to make up for lost time or regrets about not making the time when I should have. Yes, it’s still a challenge to find balance with the demands of life, however perseverance is key. I have limited ‘time’ to make this life count, so why not do my best!

Just being grateful for “time’ is not only helping me shift my limiting belief of “Time = Pressure” but it has also been rewarding in itself – allowing me to be mindful of small and big memorable moments, the productive moments and even the lazy moments which I can enjoy without guilt.

Another aspect that is helping me cope better with time, is to be ‘okay’ with time passing, accepting that there will be ‘off’ days where time will be ‘lost’ and trusting that there will be days where I will be more productive and efficient so some balance will be occur naturally.

I’d like to share the below excerpt from The foundation for Law of time:

By changing our relationship with time, we change our perception of ourselves and the world.

What is time? Consider this:

Time is NOT quantity counted, but rather quality experienced.
Time is NOT what calendars and clocks make us think it is.
Time is NOT linear, but rather fractal and holographic.
Time is NOT money; Time is Art.
Like gravity, time is an invisible principle, fundamental to the universe, that affects space.
Time is the atmosphere of the mind.
Time is the universal factor of synchronization.

Correct understanding of natural time opens us to the vast realm of synchronicity

Time is speeding up in our minds. Even though, technology and modernization does play a significant role on how we manage time. Our prioritizations, perceptions and pressures dictate how our reality unfolds as well as how we treat ourselves. And what I mean by ‘how we treat ourselves’ is that we are most likely to end up being hard on ourselves – self-judgement and self-critical – when we feel we wasting time or we pressurize ourselves for not doing more or comparing our efficiency with others and not feeling we good enough. Ripples and more ripples are created like this that have negative outcomes on us and our lives.

Make the effort to reframe your thinking to utilize each present moment in creating your desirable future.

Practice simple ways such as:

  • Perceive time to relax and pause to breathe while waiting in a queue.
  • Practice mindfulness if time is dragging.
  • Avoid checking your watch constantly to reduce the pressure of time.
  • Give gratitude for time and what it has gifted you.
  • Forgive yourself for the time you feel you have wasted or did not utilize efficiently.
  • Embrace the power of Now so you can fully be present in each moment and experience each moment in the highest and best way.

Be inspired by Time 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your sharing, feedback and comments are always appreciated