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What can you do to help yourself…

This is a pivotal period for humanity – there is powerful shifts happening across the world and within the lives of each individual.

We are experiencing turning points in our lives that are completely pushing us to the core. This may lead us to feel all over the place or pulled in many directions. We may not know if we are coming or going or exactly what to feel or how to progress. There are times we may feel it as intense as living 100 days in 24 hours or experience extreme highs and lows just a day apart.

We are being directed to slow down and see things from a different point/perspective. This is when we can observe what has stood the test of time, what we have endured, where we are at currently and what needs to change for us to move forward. We are being moved and shaken, leaving us somewhat overwhelmed and confused. However, we are being directed to create a life with a strong and solid foundation.

Herewith some guidance on how you can do this:

  • Identify the weak links, areas in your life that are challenging.
  • Assess control:
    • What is in your control – do your best to change whatever the issue so that it brings you lightness, happiness and joy.
    • What is out of your control – Pray and let go. Trust it will be okay.
  • Become aware of the thoughts and/or emotions that arise from your challenges and struggles:
    • Be totally honest with yourself – what is the core emotion and limiting belief that is triggered.
    • Put into practice – tools and techniques to release and shift these emotions and beliefs – allowing you to be a clearer space both emotionally and mentally.
  • Acknowledge yourself and your journey thus far.
  • Do your best to make peace with the past. Find freedom in forgiving yourself and others. Learn from your mistakes or poor choices.
  • Accept where you are so that you can move ahead steering yourself in the direction you so desire. We don’t have to make sense of life in order to accept all that it brings. Maybe that is the point – that life keeps us on our toes and forever learning. View life as an adventure.
  • Trust in yourself and the support of the Divine – you are taken care of. This releases resistance to allow you to go with the flow and you can remain centred through the dramas and chaos.

Some additional guidance to help through some of the emotional biggies that pushes us astray:

  • When you stressed – take a pause – break down your stress factors, take another pause and go do something that brings relief or lightness/joy. Then be open to a new perspective and ask yourself:  What can I do to help myself?
  • When you feel stuck or at a crossroads, take a step back and pause. Breath – connect with your heart centre and listen to what feels light and right?
  • When you anxious, uncertain or in doubt – take a few pauses. Breath – focus on your breath and allow yourself to re-connect with the calmness, certainty and confidence within you. And remember that there is almost nothing to fear. Fear is an emotion.  Things change, people change, circumstances change. Fear is clinging on – holding on and not letting go. But there is nothing that you can hold onto in this life. Don’t allow fear to hold power over you. Letting go of fear is incredibly liberating. Embrace Trust for fear to diminish.
  • Give yourself permission to grief. People grief in different ways and there is no time limit to grieving. It may come in waves. Honour this process. Nothing can truly prepare us for death/loss, even in the circumstances where we are aware that loss is going to happen soon. Allow and receive the comfort and support of those around you or seek help to get you through the difficult times.

Every emotion creates a corresponding sensation in the body.
Try this: Observe the feeling and feel it in the body (where in your body are you holding the emotion), become aware of that part of your body, focus your breath in that area and allow that emotion to be released (it may get a bit more intense but it will eventually disappear).

Please take good care.
Love, Light and Divine blessings to you all.



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