We are living in an interesting time period at the moment, pushing us in different directions, triggering us in different ways however also making us appreciate things we previously took for granted.

There are these moments when we can appreciate and be grateful however we can easily be reeled  back  into experiencing the negative effects in some way – feelings of isolation, unemployment/loss of income, hunger, lack of freedom of movement, lack of human touch, restricted from seeing/visiting loved ones and so much more.

This may lead into being resistant to how things are unfolding – however this resistance will only cause more struggle and suffering.

“What you resist shall persist”

Yes, the situation and circumstances are out of our control, so to remain in your power, look at what is in your control.


Befriend Change

July 8, 2019

Life is a series of cycles of change whether we like it or not. Change provides us the opportunity to re-adjust, reform and rebirth into another level of our being.

Change can be both comfortable and uncomfortable. It is welcomed and comfortable when it is change that we want and mostly uncomfortable when it is change that shifts us out of our comfort zone. Even for those of us who believe or have convinced ourselves “we like change” – we too resist change when we encounter curve balls in the way we expect ‘change’ to unfold.

And at times, we may also fall into the trap of convincing ourselves or pretending all is good just to avoid change. However, change is inevitable and finds its way to materialize.

“You must become the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Why befriend change: (more…)

Is time real?

July 8, 2019

“Time is flying by” – this expression or something similar is a common phrase is most people’s thoughts and conversations. Yes, it does feel like time passes more quickly with every year that goes by. However, the seconds, minutes and hours in a day remain the same.

I have struggled with time and continue to be tested with what the Law of time and what it is teaching me. Some days, I feel supported by time and others days, time is against me. I asked myself what does ‘time’ symbolize for me – my answer: Pressure. (more…)

So often, our external challenges are manifested due to our internal conflict. The less inner conflict we have, the clearer our thinking, the more balanced our emotions are and our actions are aligned with authenticity and integrity. This will attract the energy to help us manifest our heart’s desires and feel worthy of it. We can experience life with more happiness and joy.

However, to minimise inner conflict, you first need to recognise it. Become aware of signs of an unhealthy relationship you may have with yourself such as; if you find yourself often overreacting; supressing your feelings; behaving compulsively; continuously feeling a victim, being in constant judgement and criticism, etc. These behaviours are all related to one thing and this is really important – you are avoiding certain feelings.

Empower yourself to identify those feelings that you have been avoiding and you give yourself permission to confront and deal with those feelings. Yes, it may be hard however the realisations and growth that can come from it is very rewarding.


It feels like just ‘yesterday’ this year began and we already in March! What an eventful time it has been so far…

For many of us, it feels like last year just flowed into this year. If you have felt the last few months testing on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), you may find comfort in knowing that we are in a space now where whatever uphill’s we have been going through, we have an opportunity to get closure (if we choose) on our challenges linked to our past, unhealthy relationships, etc and making way for the ‘New’.  Be open to change and be open to receiving – new perspectives, new opportunities, new possibilities, open doors that were once closed and whatever ‘new’ we are ready to welcome into our lives.

Remember all these wonderful shifts can happen, however we are required to be in a space of authenticity – be true to ourselves and be aligned to our heart not our head. Lose any expectations of how we think things should be. Let go of that which is out of our control. Detach from the dramas and chaos around us. Trust in ourselves and life itself with discernment.


Firstly, it is important to understand basic science of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can however be changed.

We have energy flowing through us and around us. We have an energy field around us known as an Aura. An aura extends approximately 2 meters from the physical body; however, this varies depending on the persons development and the space they are in at a given time. An aura surrounds all living things.

Ideally the aura should be clear, bright, glowing – with vibrant colours. However, the aura can become polluted with dark shadows or clouds which attract unwanted negative energies. This polluted aura can leave you feeling ill, tired, down, unbalanced and depressed. It can also lead to more challenges and difficulties being drawn towards you. There are several factors that can contribute to weakening your aura: poor diet, alcohol and drugs, stress, and lack of rest. A healthy aura can be maintained through more self-care and good attitude and behaviours.



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