Healing With Touch, Colour and Sound

The Antaneea Technique was developed by Penni du Plessis from Divine Space, to assist our bodies to return to a state of balance.

The Antaneea treatment is a multi-layered technique incorporating high vibrational ‘coloured’ oils massaged into the body with loving touch, supported by sound and energy healing pouring love into the cells.

A complete Antaneea treatment includes three massages where mainly the back of the body will be massaged and partial front of body (upper chest and shoulders) towards the end of the treatment.

The 1st massage is the deepest using 7 ‘Light matrix oils’ applied to the different energy centres (7 chakra’s), aligning the physical body. During this process, stored memories of past hurts or traumas or locked emotions held, can be identified. These can be potentially released by acknowledging them thereby preventing repetitive cycles which keep attracting more of the same life lessons.

The second massage is far softer and gentler using the same 7 ‘Light matrix oils’ but in a different sequence on the energy centre’s which encourages emotional stability.

The third process is a light feather touch which aligns to your Divine Blueprint, or potential using 12 ‘Light matrix oils’ on the body in a sacred ritual.

Then the body, the whole ‘being’ is serenaded with different tones for each energy centre (chakra) which can truly be felt within the cells. Cells vibrate and become alive as they absorb the tones.

The treatment concludes on the front of the body with a gentle massage of the upper chest and shoulders, sinus points on the face and ear points.

The transformative treatment brings about deep relaxation. Gently and with ease you begin the journey back to feeling the joy of being alive and releasing what no longer serves you.

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