I would like to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for your assistance in my healing. I certainly would not be where I am today without your intervention. I consider myself to be a spiritual person who was blessed to have been guided by a Guru for 3 years. I have been extremely close to him and sadly lost him in 2016 to cancer. I battled to accept his death. I experienced the deaths of 3 close family members all in the Month of September 2016. All this followed by a separation from my husband which turned out to be an emotional, mental and financial roller coaster. Shortly thereafter I slipped into depression. I knew what needed to be done to recover and I tried it all, meditation, prayer, life coaching but I was “STUCK” I had sought help from many and I had tried my best to help myself get out of depression but for every 1 step I took forward I shortly took 10 steps backward up until I was guided to Chetna. This after being hospitalised several times and after numerous blood tests.

I was welcomed with a great warm hug which felt personal. Chetna’s hug was somewhat different. It was divine and warm and filled with love. She went out of her way to ensure I was comfortable and assisted me without any reservations. I felt as though I could trust her. I felt like she would not judge me. She saw me as a being, as a human being who needed help and she went out of way to help me.

Thank you Chetna for your support and kindness. You have an extremely rare gift and I do believe that all who cross paths with you are certainly blessed. I am blessed for having crossed paths with you. You “UNSTUCK” me. My one session with you has created a huge shift within me. This shift is difficult to actually explain but I feel empowered, motivated and clearer. My head feels lighter and things are not as fuzzy as they use to be. My doctors have suggested I stop the anti-depressants and sleeping tablets as I no longer require them and this is all with just one session with you.

I think of you and the impact you have had on myself and my daughter and my eyes fill up with tears of Gratitude. A heartfelt gratitude to you for the help you have given to me.