I definitely have already recommended Antaneea to people as it definitely makes us aware of a lot of things we store in our bodies. I felt that I have become more in touch with what is stored in my physically body, it came up into my conscious awareness.

Being a Theta healer, we work a lot on our limiting beliefs but it’s kind of a digging process and I felt that this therapy (Antaneea) was sort of a digging process but without it being intrusive in any way. I felt that while you were gently massaging my body, helping me to bring to the forefront things that I have stored on a deep cellular level. And I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions, I have had four sessions and plan on having more as it really makes me aware of things in a very gentle way and helps me to release things in a very gentle way.

I could feel that I was at a place where my body this year needs a lot of attention and healing and gentle care. I felt that is everything I got from these sessions. I think it’s very well-rounded. I love the way we first sit together and discuss what needs to be addressed and then we do the cards and everything that I picked really seemed to help me became aware of everything that needs to be resolved. I felt that you are very intuitive in addressing whatever comes up in my body, making me aware of it.

At the end, I really enjoy summarising what we become aware off and you give tips. I also really enjoyed the oils. I know this year for me is where I’m dealing with lots of physical things, and Antaneea for me was very effective.

Chetna, I feel that your massage is very gentle and not intrusive. I could feel that every time I’ve had a massage with you that a different area was released or I could feel where I was triggered, or an emotion came up and we could easily go and see what is connected with it.

You are a very trusting person, I felt very comfortable and safe in your space. I feel that I can easily and effortlessly be vulnerable in your space. You are very caring, very gentle. I have recommended you to many people.

For me this is a very wonderful therapy to help me with awareness and of becoming aware of what I still need to do, work on and change in myself. I have experienced a great release with all the aspects of the session.

Chetna, I love your space, I love you as a Therapist. I feel that you really connect with your clients. You are very compassionate, very caring yet detached in the sense that you don’t become overwhelmed with whatever we share. You really create a safe environment where we can deal with our stuff and you are very assisting and accurate with what needs to shift within us and I love your perspective and intuition on everything that needs to shift. It really helps to have that different perspective and put things into perspective for me. Thank you.